Market Update: February 2021

The month of February has continued to be a busy one for real estate here in the GTA. We had increases in both overall sales volume and prices. Lets get in to the numbers:

Overall, the market still continued to be hot this February. With well over 10,000 sales, volume was up 52.5% compared to February 2020. This strong start has shown sales growth across all major home types, including condominiums in the city of Toronto and surround GTA regions. This February, the average sale price across all major home types was $1,045,488 – a 14.9% increase compared to last year.

Inventory levels have gone down by about 1% when you compare to last year. Thats under 1 month of inventory in total!

Single family home results:
Average price of a detached home was $1.37M = 23.1% increase
Average price of a semi detached home was $1.05M = 20.3% increase
Town homes average price was $858K = 17.3% increase

The condo segment results:
Overall, average sales price decreased by -3.7%. Average price for February was $642K

If you have one take away from this report; it’s that we have an increase of demand and extremely low inventory. We are still in a seriously strong sellers market. So if you have ever thought about the possibility of selling your home, now may be your best opportunity!

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