Meet the Team

David Cinelli

Real Estate Broker

Since 2005 I’ve been buying, renovating and flipping homes as an investor. From owning millions of dollars in residential, commercial and investment properties – my passion today is to help people become financially free through investing in real estate. From the age of 7, I used to tag along with my father visiting investment properties almost every weekend. Real estate isn’t just a career for me – it’s my life. Perhaps you’re here because you want to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time or perhaps you still haven’t found your dream home that fits your budget. With an MBA, marketing and mathematics background I have a unique ability to help clients sell their homes fast and for top dollar. At the same time, I help people maximize the use of leverage and tax benefits for long term wealth creation. If you have any real estate needs, I’d love to hear from you!

Elise Benn

Executive Assistant

Collaboration with colleagues, creative pursuits, a social life, my gym community, dog park friends, family relationships. These are things that make up so much of who I am. Who I was. The pandemic stripped back so many layers and I became a version of myself without all the things I thought defined my identity. It forced me into seeing what I valued most in life and understanding where I was meant to be. So when I think about who I am today, it is my character and values that first come to mind because those are the things I’ve had all along.

I always loved helping others, from my camp counsellor days to volunteering in Uganda. This passion led me to the most selfless career path I could think of: nursing. At first, I was thriving. I loved meeting patients, hearing their stories, and tending to their needs in what were often dire circumstances. But something was missing that I could never put my finger on.

Because of my connection to my patients, it took time to admit that nursing wasn’t the right fit for me. Eventually, it became clear that I needed a more creative outlet in my life. As a helper and creator, it was hard to find a position that struck the perfect balance, yet off I went to find it.

I never thought I’d end up in a 9-to-5 office position, but the creative side of marketing ultimately drew me in. I enjoyed coming up with unique solutions for clients, but while one part of me came alive, the other felt drained knowing I was helping big corporations rather than people. It lacked that human element empaths like myself craved.

And then I found real estate and it was a true glass-slipper fit. I am drawn to this industry because of its people-focused nature and it allows me to exercise my creative talents. A big part of real estate is guiding people through major transitions and helping shape their stories has become something I live for… Aside from my dogs, of course! I love my journey because it got me to where I am, a place I know I’m meant to be.

Ariana Krmec

Sales Representative

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I wanted to work with people.

Growing up, I was always very active and played high-level sports, often travelling the province for games and tournaments. Life was always busy but I maintained the balance between school, sports and family.

When I graduated from university, I found myself in the fitness industry, which was the perfect fit for me at the time. The business skills I learned in school combined with my entrepreneurial spirit helped me build and retain a solid client base; I loved my career so much that it didn’t even feel like work. Through the power of physical activity, I helped so many people transform into better versions of themselves and that’s what I loved most.

When the world was hit with a life-changing pandemic, my life quickly changed into something my six-year fitness career couldn’t have prepared me for. I knew it was time to pivot and acquire new skills to better equip me for the uncertain future. During a time when everyone’s life was put on hold, I decided to use the opportunity to channel my strong interpersonal skills toward a career I not only loved but could grow, no matter the economic landscape.

This is what led me to get my real estate licence. When David Cinelli, a Real Estate Agent and Broker at Royal LePage Signature Realty, offered to mentor me as I made my mark in the fast- paced market, I knew this was where I was meant to be. Being a Real Estate Salesperson requires many of the same skills as a trainer: listening to and understanding people’s needs and helping them develop a plan to attain their goals. I constantly look forward to new challenges, working alongside such a supportive real estate community, and guiding clients towards their dream home.

Julia Bilinsky

Sales Representative

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, I was able to develop authentic customer service skills at a young age. After graduating from University with a degree in Human Resource Management, I knew working with people was a passion of mine, but not in that particular career path. During my post-secondary years, I was able to work for high-end retail establishments that allowed me to create the building blocks of great customer service. Through my network of contacts, I have been lucky to oversee new builds, major renovations and home improvements, which ignited a spark for design and a love of real estate.

Living and working in Toronto West has allowed me a broad range of opportunities to know and experience a full gamut of real estate types. We have it all here, from condos to multiplexes, semis and detached- high-end and blue-collar neighborhoods.

Being active is an important component of maintaining good health and wellness for me. I enjoy year-round outdoor activities; walking, biking, soccer, hiking, and snowboarding.

Helping clients navigate the market in buying or selling is my expertise. More than that, I feel it is an honour and a privilege to provide white-glove service to all my clients. As an experienced REALTOR®️, I will help you understand the current market conditions, analyze your needs and wants, review your budget and guide you to success.