Real Estate Education Friday – Tips for Buying in a Hot Market (without overpaying) Part 2

The market is really hot right now and typically homes are sold within a week. Here in Ontario we operate by using blind offers. Meaning if you are in an offer situation only the realtor and the sellers see the offers coming in. No other agents have access to the offer values. 

Here are tips 3,4 & 5 to ensure you aren’t overpaying for your home. 

3. Match the parameters. Match the parameters that the seller’s of the home are looking for ie closing date, deposit, conditions etc.

4. Have the deposit in hand. If you have the depositready to go with your offer this signals to the buyer’s that you are serious about the home. 

5. Do not get emotional. Seller agents play on buyer’s emotions. They make you feel as if this is your dream home and if you walk away without it, you will regret it.