Exclusive Listings in Real Estate

Today’s Real Estate Education is all about exclusive sales in real estate.

When listing your home for sale with a realtor, there are 2 types of listings you can have:

  1. MLS listing: what most people are familiar with. It is in the MLS system and on all the real estate apps and websites. It’s also open to the public.
  2. An exclusive listing: when you hire a realtor to give exclusive access to find a buyer a for your home. Realtors are able to share the listing on their own website, promote it on their social media, and share the listing on exclusive listing networks with other realtors. However, if they are sharing the listing on these networks, they will have to offer the other agents a commission (usually the standard commission) to entice them to show the property.

Why do realtors use exclusives?

The house may not be ready to go on the MLS system, so they use this time to prepare the home to go live. Also, they can promote the home to create a buzz for the home, so if the home actually makes it to MLS, the hope is that there will be a line of buyers wanting to see the home.

Exclusive listings may appeal to other realtors. When a market is hot and they see an exclusive opportunity, the realtor may be interested in getting to view the property before it hits the market so they will not have to compete with other buyers. This means they can secure the home for their client.