Using Social Media to Sell Your Home

Today’s Real Estate Education looks at how the internet and social media have changed the way we sell homes.

Last week I showed you the new technology we are using to showcase homes. However, having attractive videos, 360 tours and pictures are good, but they are not as powerful if you don’t use them to their full capabilities.

Two studies I found drive the home how social media and the internet have changed the way we sell homes:

  1. The first study proved that last year was the first time in history that people are on their mobile devices more than any other activity that they do throughout the day. This includes sleeping, eating, watching tv, etc.
  2. The second study was that over 95% of home buyers are looking online as part of their home search and over 50% of the buyers bought the home they found online.

When choosing a realtor to sell your home, it is a good idea to check their online presence. Although having a good following doesn’t always mean the realtor will know how to market your home, but it is a great start.

However, having a great following doesn’t necessarily mean that all the Realtor’s followers will actually see your home if it is posted on their social media pages. Social media platforms have algorithms that are unique to each platform …what do I mean? For example, a post that has engagement with followers, are more entertaining and have shares will get more eyeballs if you just merely post.

One stat I heard is that under 10% of your followers will actually see your posts. The reason for that is apps and social media want you to pay for advertising and this is where someone who knows who the target market is for your home, and can zero in on that target will have amazing results.

Personally, I promote your listings with Facebook and Instagram ads with targeted demographics to get it in front of more people online. This needs to be part of the realtor’s marketing plan. Ask questions on how they market your home to get the most exposure for your home and choose the realtor that fits your expectations.