Ways to Increase Your Home’s Equity

Here’s another Real Estate Education for the books! Today I’m sharing ways to increase your home equity.

  1. Add usable square footage. The more livable square feet you have in the home the better. Some examples would be adding a bathroom, great room, or an in-law suite.
  2. Clean and declutter. A deep clean and subsequent cleanings for upkeep can also make your home more attractive and more livable.
  3. Make your home more energy-efficient. Just a few examples of this are installing a smart thermostat, a high-efficiency furnace and AC, and making the switch to LED lightbulbs.
  4. Freshen up with paint and flooring. Paint can work miracles! To freshen up old, dated hardwood flooring, a good sanding works well. Shampooing carpets can also make a big difference.
  5. Improve your curb appeal. A well-kept exterior sends a signal that the interior is also cared for.
  6. Upgrade exterior doors. Replacing your front door and or garage door can have a huge impact from a curb appeal point of view.